through Switzerland
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The We Create Change Group is your solution in Switzerland for your China-connection.

The We Create Change Group is partner of Across-consult; a certified company ISO9001.

The We Create Change Group supports companies which wants to enhance their performance. Since 2008 creating eco-systems around business to business-relationships and supporting companies to collaborate, to develop new markets and new technologies.

It is our task to enhance your business and to enhance your product.

In order to do so, we are continuously searching for alternative partners that support your case, for high-quality products and technical innovations that answer the questions from today ànd tomorrow

In collaboration with our office in Yang Quan we have developed an intense relationship with the local government and local industry. In this way we can offer scalable and practical solutions, guiding you in every step you need to take. We have personal advise, practical tools and people on the ground. Opening for you in a smooth way a market of 1,5 billion consumers.


Via Cassinone 3, 6998, Monteggio, Switzerland
Tel : +41-91-6000 577, Fax : +41-91-6000 578