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Yang Quan

The alternative region

The Yang Quan region can be compared to smaller european regions.
It has to compete with larger Chinese regions like Shanghai and Beijing. That is why Yang Quan is searching for commitments with simular  regions in Europe.

We are the link between your business and the Chinese producer.

The We Create Change Group is the European solution for your contact with China.

With years of experience they will guide you to find a good match.

The expressed wish from Yang Quan local government is to develop relationships with European businesses, cities, or regions, enabling exchange of knowledge, develop business- and investment-relationships, and any other type of mutual exchange, enabling the city’s economy to be renewed and modernised, in the interest of it’s population.


Connecting the eastern developed region and the middle-west region of China
Linking Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and coastal developed areas with inland areas
With Yangquan as the center and a radius of 500 kilometers to drawn a circle, it can cover 30% of the country’s population and 30% of the total economic output

Key transportation hub in the east of Shanxi

  • 1,5 hours to Taiyuan or Shijazhuang by train
  • 2 hours to Beijing by train
  • 2,5 hours to Tianjin by train
  • 3 hours to Zhengzhou or Jinan by train
  • 1 hour’s ride to airport of Taiyuan or Shijiazhuang